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John Currin's exaggerated realism and his twisted women kept me off balance never knowing if they were sincere or ironic or some new emotion.

I've never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I'm very proud of that.

She belongs to a race of delightful women who never do any harm whom everybody calls good and who are very severe on those who do not pretend to be good.

I want to be a cheerleader for women who have never even considered running for office or being involved in a campaign but who in the quietness of their hearts might think 'Why not me?'

And I highly recommend for all the women in the world even if they're 71 you can never take for granted that he loves you. It's always good to flirt with him. It's a great sport.

Never was it given to mortal man - To lie so boldly as we women can.

I have to admit like so many women I always knew there was a chance. But like so many women I never thought it would be me. I never thought I'd hear those devastating words: 'You have breast cancer.'

Good women always think it is their fault when someone else is being offensive. Bad women never take the blame for anything.

You can find women who have never had an affair but it is hard to find a woman who has had just one.

The reason women don't play football is because 11 of them would never wear the same outfit in public.

Women are considered deep - why? Because one can never discover any bottom to them. Women are not even shallow.

The women's movement completely changed attitudes all over the world in ways we'll never be able to count.

Women will never be as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them.

Men and women women and men. It will never work.

The most virtuous women have something within them something that is never chaste.

One can find women who have never had one love affair but it is rare indeed to find any who have had only one.

I never realized until lately that women were supposed to be the inferior sex.

But the law of God came from heaven indeed. God wrote it with his finger it is the fountain of all wisdom and therefore shall it continue for ever and never have an end.

It may be assumed as an axiom that Providence has never gifted any political party with all of political wisdom or blinded it with all of political folly.

Wisdom and goodness are twin-born one heart must hold both sisters never seen apart.

Wisdom too often never comes and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late.

Old myths old gods old heroes have never died. They are only sleeping at the bottom of our mind waiting for our call. We have need for them. They represent the wisdom of our race.

A great memory is never made synonymous with wisdom any more than a dictionary would be called a treatise.

Never accept ultimatums conventional wisdom or absolutes.